Home Repair – Essential Tools for Your Repair Kit

In your home, there are several electrical, mechanical, and plumbing mechanisms, appliances, and objects. With time these objects are bound to throw up some technical or mechanical snag. Most of these home repairs are what you can rectify on your own, provided you have the right tools to execute the repair.

Repair Kit

You don’t have to invest huge sums inexpensive and modern tools to complete your home repair kit. You just need to put together an assortment of few hand tools that you can purchase for a few hundred dollars. These tools will act as effective supplies that you can use to handle emergency repairs and stall major home repairs till your handyman rectifies the problem. These tools are easily available from any hardware store.

Essential Tools

A hammer, adjustable wrench, and screwdrivers of various sizes are the most basic tools in your home repair kit. You can use the wrench for all small to medium size bolts. If your budget permits get the complete set of screwdrivers. Always purchase the best quality tools to ensure they come in handy during an emergency. The next set of essential tools includes a 20-foot retractable measuring tape and a utility knife. Get a knife that is retractable for safety purposes. Other essential home repair tools include arc-joint pliers, electronic stud finders, paintbrush, putty knife, and torpedo levels. The pliers are adjustable and can be used to grip objects ranging from small nails to large pipes. Electronic stud finders are important to identify studs, joints, and framing members hidden behind ceilings and walls. While purchasing putty blades ensure that they straight as well as flexible, and purchase blades of different sizes. Torpedo levels work well with appliances, pictures, and shelves and those with magnetic strips are easy to handle and also add to the safety aspect.

Safety Equipment

Your emphasis should be to work safely. Thus, you should procure safety equipment such as safety goggles, hard hats or helmets, ear protectors, dust masks, leather or rubber gloves, and of course a first aid kit.

Tips in Choosing Simple Home Tools

Among the things which are not given due priority in our homes are tools. Most of the time when we buy stuff, we fail to realize the true value of even the most basic home tools. What people usually do is just pick the first one they find at a hardware store or the cheapest one and buy them. Much like buying furniture sets and other stuff that we use for our homes, we also should consider some important factors before we buy our home tools. We never know when we would need them and we do not want them to break down while we are using them especially during emergency situations. So the next time you go out to buy one, consider the following tips:

Never Compromise Quality for Price – We all have a tendency to go for the cheapest tool available at our local hardware store since we think it would save us a lot of money. It is a good thing if the tool that we bought is of good quality but normally, the cheapest ones are those that do not have good quality too. We should never compromise quality. We might have an accident using a hammer if it suddenly breaks while we are using it, we may get electrocuted using low-quality electric drills, etc. Look for the one with high-quality and reasonably-priced at the same time. Even if it is a little more expensive than the regular ones, we can still save money in the end since we know that it would last longer.

Buy What You Need the Most – Start with the most basic tools and also the ones that you need the most. This way, you can save money but not buying those which you really do not need in your home. If you are not aware of the home tools that you really need, do a little bit of research on the web, ask your neighbors or friends, or seek advice from professionals. Among the ones that are usually needed are hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, drills, garden tools, and tape measures.

Compare Different Brands and Different Stores – In order for you to get the most value for your money, you need to compare different brands first. You need to check the quality and price so that you can pick one which is the most cost-efficient. Store prices can also have a big effect on finding the best tool your money can buy. Different stores have different rates so be careful where you buy your tools. It would also be best if the hardware store offers a warranty so you can return faulty tools anytime. Doing these may require a little more effort and time on your part but it would all be worth it most particularly if you have many tools to purchase.

Be prepared at all times by having access to the right home tools. Following the above tips are sure to help you a lot in finding the best ones that you need at the right price and right quality.

Basic Home Repair Tools That May Come In Handy

There are certain situations and circumstances that we cannot avoid nor do we have full control of. That is why most of the time, we should be prepared that the things that may happen. In our house, the certain incident would happen like breaking of pipes or electrical and technical problems may occur. We can always call for the help of those who know what to do but then they may never be around always to help you out with your problem. In times like these, you do not have a choice but do the working all by yourself.

You have decided to do things on your own, but when you are just about to do it, you realize that you do not have a single tool to help you sort things out. This is an example of the situation you can find yourself in if you don’t get yourself to buy or keep at least a pair of these home repair tools. You don’t need them all. You only need a number of them.

1. Hammer. A portion of the house needs fixing, and with the help of your handy dandy hammer and a few pieces of wood or concrete nails, they will be good as new. Hammers are also helpful in certain situations that you do not want to imagine. You have silver tarps and you would want to put it in your backyard? Just keep your hammer handy and the next thing you know, you will find a hundred ways on how you will need it while assembling your silver tarps.

2. Hand saw. This tool makes cutting wood a lot easier than you can imagine. Imagine yourself cutting a piece of wood into two while using a knife or an ax. It just won’t work. Most of the time you will need its assistance in situations like fixing a hole in your kitchen o covering up a hole in the wall. Whichever goes first. The bottom line is that you will need it.

3. A hand drill. Seriously, what else can you use to make a whole on your concrete wall without actually making a big crack noticeable enough for the whole bunch of visitors to see? Nothing. You can use concrete nails, but it won’t work really. You may not use this when putting up the silvers tarps since they have ball bungee to keep them together without making a whole on its body, but for those things that are not privileged to have a ball bungee, then drills can help them out.

Some other helpful tools include pliers, a set of screwdrivers among other things to help you out when caught in the similar situations.

These tools may not appear important when you don’t need them but when already caught in an incident that you would do anything just to have a hammer beside you, you will realize that indeed having at least a small set of tools by your side can be life-changing. Don’t let this happen to you. Be prepared and arm yourself with these home repair tools.